Web Developer, Watershed, Bristol

Position: Web Developer (Full Time, fixed term, one year)

Grade: 2 (£28,000)

Responsible to: Online Publishing Manager

Purpose of Job:

You will be an experienced web developer who has delved into the inner workings of Drupal, and has wrangled it into a visually distinct, user appropriate website and CMS. You like things to look good and work well. You like users and seek to present simplicity out of complexity.

You are organised, collaborative and open, and can communicate with both technical and non-technical people. You are happy to juggle a broad portfolio of tasks and projects with agility, want to work as part of a team and are motivated to understand the opportunities and challenges this position offers.

To apply for this position please visit http://www.watershed.co.uk/get-involved/opportunities/2014-07-14/web-developer/ and follow the instructions. No CVs accepted.

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