Update: Dressing the city – temporary banners and flags in Bath city centre

Dressing the city – temporary banners and flags in Bath city centre

From Ann Cullis at B&NES Arts Development

I am pleased to confirm that strength testing has now been carried out on lamp columns in Bath city centre, as required by the planning permission awarded in Sept 2013 for selected locations.  Four (4) locations failed and are therefore not available for use – 36 individual banner/flag locations are available.

A new web page ‘Temporary banners and flags’ is now published on the Council website here.

Please refer to the detailed Guidance document on that page, which lists the permitted sites, durations, type of banner that may be erected, size of banner permitted, and the booking process.

Booking is open now.

Booking for the banner sites in Bath city centre is via the form on the web page to be sent to event@bathnes.gov.uk with the required supporting information.  Booking is strictly first come first served and no priorities or ranking will be applied.

B&NES Council departments promoting events are also required to book using the same system.

As I’ve said to several people (so apologies for repetition), we strongly encourage organisations to confer on booking dates so that you can ‘share’ – for example, 2 or 3 organisations sharing a 3 week period by booking 7 or 10 days each, or 2 organisations sharing the sites so that two events can be promoted simultaneously.

Bath BID are considering purchase of fixings for banners, which can then be used by all – this is currently being sorted out and BID will confirm in due course.

The web page and Guidance also explains how to book to erect banners elsewhere in Bath and in the wider district – this process is the same as previously.

Lastly, Bath Literature Festival has been treated as a ‘pilot’ project to test the booking and approval process, and thanks to colleagues at Bath Festivals for putting up with a lot of uncertainty until very late in the timetable about which sites would be available.

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