Top 10 Film Blogs!

Here is a new list compiled by our lovely colleagues at – the pick of the UK-based reads.

1. BFI Lists

Ever spent an evening aimlessly deciding which film to watch rather than actually getting to the watching part? “Ah, the paralysis of choice… Oh! It’s bedtime.” This archive of lists put together by the British Film Institute is a godsend. A haven of impeccably curated Top 10 tips with pleasing categories like “Great Picnics on Film” or “10 Great Films About Brits Abroad”. This may not solve the paralysis of choice, but it will remind you just how many wonderful films there are to be explored. Read it here.

2. Kermode Uncut

Full of weekly video updates from the impeccably brylcreemed film critic. Uncut sees Mark Kermode surveying new releases and industry news; always opinionated, sometimes bedecked in a fantastic shearling coat. Either way, he always seems to hit the nail on the head. Read it here.

3. Clothes on Film

From the history of the Batsuit to an analysis of Joaquin Pheonix’s high-waisted trousers in Spike Jonze’s Her, Clothes On Film does what it says on the tin. Come here for Q&A’s with costume designers, wonderfully nerdy essays covering the use of colour in Heathers or seminal power dressing in Mike Nicholl’s Working Girl. Read it here.

4. Notes from a Cinema Nation

This blog comes from the team behind Cinema Nation, who are responsible for championing communal film watching with Home Cinema Day, as well as programming the wonderfully eclectic national film festival Scalarama. Visit Notes for interviews with some of the most exciting directors working in the UK today, nutritious opinion pieces and the Cinema Nation Radio podcast. Read it here.

5. Independent Cinema Office Blog

A must-read for fans of independent cinema in the UK, and those working within the industry. Keep abreast with industry news, opportunities and film events taking place across the country. Interviews, well-curated reading lists and dates for you diary along the way. Read it here.

6. Popcorn Feminist

Being both a die-hard film fan and pro equal rights for women can be a funny business. If you find yourself eye-rolling at the consistently lacking representation of brilliant female characters in cinema, then Popcorn Feminist is for you. “The cinema can be a depressing place for a feminist,” says editor Sarah Edmonds. Bookmark this blog for reviews of films that pass the Bechdel Test. Read it here.

7. Reflections

Celebrating cultural diversity through cinema, Reflections approaches the cinematic landscape from a global perspective. Well-written reviews of feature films, documentaries, DVDs; many of which might otherwise have slipped under your radar. Read it here.

8. Kubrick on the Guillotine

This intelligent and thoughtful UK-based film journal is penned by a collection of critics, writers and cinephiles from across the world. Reviews span classic and cult titles from the last six decades, while essays meander between the cinematic tradition of Los Angelean highways and Mr Ripley’s sartorial credentials. Read it here.

9. Cine-Vue

Cine-Vue offers a wealth of reviews of current releases; from the mainstream blockbusters to independent festival circuit darlings, and the lesser-known titles that may have had a smaller distribution but that are worth shouting about. This place is a treasure trove. Read it here.

10. Flicks and Bits

Brilliantly comprehensive, Flicks and Bits guides you through the latest film news. The focus is mainly on the large releases, and you can expect interviews with big names, pre-production rumours and newly released posters. If “What Would Cumberbatch Do?” is a question you ever ask yourself, you’re likely to find your answer here. Read it here.

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