THRIVE BATH Feb Programme – bumper packed with useful seminars

Thursday 5 February. 10am – 4pm
Strategic Business Planning

This day course explores the context and practicality of strategic planning for cultural and voluntary organisations from the articulation of aims and objectives through to their manifestation in terms of activity programmes. We will also consider the challenges and opportunities of creative programming from traditional repertoire approaches through to agile methodologies. The day will conclude with the outlines for strategic business plans and direct application to delegate organisations/individuals.
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Friday 6 February. 10am – 4pm
Value Added People

Our people are our greatest asset and often also the greatest challenge. In this course we will discuss how we ensure that we get the best from this asset and reduce the challenges. In particular, we will consider recruitment and management of employees and volunteers from a range of perspectives. Effective management of people offers an opportunity to have significant positive impact in cultural and voluntary organisations and delegates will identify systems, approaches and actions to develop this in their organisations.
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Monday 23 February. 4pm – 5pm
Webinar – Creative Evaluation

An online discussion with Liz Kavanagh and Clare Hearn exploring the potential for articulating return on investment and evaluating creative activity. They will look at using a range of methods beyond the usual surveys and data collection.
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Friday 27 February. 10am – 12pm
Risk Management

A two hour discussion on the challenges of strategic risk management and how we engage with ever changing circumstances.  We will look at means to manage big strategic risks including funding flexibility and stakeholder management according to group interests and needs.
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Friday 27 February. 3pm – 5pm
Quality Assurance and ROI

A two hour discussion on quality and risk management in the cultural sector and what we as leaders and organisations can do to support, maintain and develop high quality output and engagement as well as mitigate strategic risks. Often risk management restricts creativity and, as creative leaders, we need to ensure that mitigating our risk actually enables creativity and quality work.
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