THRIVE: April & May training events

14th April 2015 – Emerging Leaders-Risk Management 12pm-2pm

A 2 hour discussion on the challenges of strategic risk management and how we engage with ever changing circumstances.  We will look at means to manage big strategic risks including funding flexibility and stakeholder management according to group interests and needs. Fee – £10.00 (includes refreshments and snacks)

8th May 2015 –  Marketing Skills
From identifying our target market to approaching them, from creating a marketing plan to delivering it, this day session introduces the core components of marketing strategy. Delegates will be able to appreciate and co-ordinate a range of marketing activities including social media, press, print, broadcast and online to achieve clear aims and objectives and will develop their awareness of the organisational and marketplace contexts of their work. Models such as the marketing mix and SERVQUAL will be applied to our activity and used to gain insight to developing our marketing skills. Fee – £5.00 (includes lunch and refreshments)

28th May 2015 – Event Management
Utilising a number of local and national case studies, this day course works through the basics of event management including health & safety, content curation, planning, and site management and layers up on this basis to include sustainability, accessibility, external environment analysis, and evaluation. Delegates will receive a number of template documents and checklists to aid event management across a range of contexts. Free – £5.00 (includes lunch and refreshments)

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