Should Drama be taught in schools? Online survey for Dept of Educn

Responses needed urgently.

The Department of Education (DfE) is asking for your opinion on the place of Drama in the National Curriculum.

The DfE has published a draft of the new English Primary Curriculum and is asking for stakeholder responses from the sector. This is in advance of more formal consultation in the autumn.

In contrast to the current Curriculum, the new programme makes no specific mention of Drama. It is likely that there will be no statutory provision for Drama in primary schools in the future.

The CLA has been in discussion with the DfE on this issue for some months. As a result officials have asked us to survey the Alliance on the place of Drama in the National Curriculum and to present them with a summary of our thoughts.

We strongly urge you to take part in our online survey. We know that many of you are already in discussion with the DfE and will be making your own detailed responses, however this is an excellent chance for us to supplement these submissions and present the joined-up voice of our wider alliance membership.

As ever, we need to move very swiftly on this to maximize the impact of our response and to make sure that our submission is considered in the development of the next draft. We are therefore asking for responses as soon as possible, but by 10:00am on the 7th of September at the latest.

We know that this is an extremely busy time for everyone, and that many of you will be away, but if you can prioritise this task then it will make a real difference.

A full briefing note to help you with this has now been uploaded to the website.

As ever, please do contact us on info@culturallearningalliance if you have any questions or if you would like to talk this through.

Best wishes,

Lizzie and Sam


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