Save the Date! Design World Cup, August 15

The much-loved Design World Cup organised by Creative Bath is back back back! And this time, as it’s the 50th anniversary England’s (only) World Cup win, it’ll be a homage to all things 1966!

Save the date! August 15 2016 at Monkton Combe! The Design World Cup is just the most brilliant celebration of football and creativity (and beer and sunshine and, er, bunting).

It’s great for the teams: just competitive enough to matter, without being too competitive to rule out the less-than-entirely physically fit. And it’s great for spectators: families, friends, colleagues, kids sprawled out on a summer’s day, eating, drinking, face-painting, with bar, BBQ and music…

So join in with Bath’s best creative, design and tech businesses. Marvel at their stylishly-garbed attire: decked out in the colours of the 1966 (real) World Cup teams. Enjoy…

When: August 15th 2016, from 10:30am
Where: Monkton Combe School Sports Ground
Team tickets: £220 + VAT (same as last year)
When can I buy? Tickets open midday May 19th, first come, first served. Updates on Twitter @DesignWorldCup
Sponsorship? Now you’re talking! Contact Steph to find out what unique benefits etc etc. You know the drill…

Be seeing you…
Stephanie Dodd, Development Manager

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