Personal update on ACE funding from Ruth Kapardia (Oct 14)

We invited Ruth Kapardia, Relationship Manager, Diversity in Arts Practice at Arts Council England,  to speak at the AGM on 15 October 2014. She was unable to attend but provided this update on funding oportunities from ACE for us all.


Dear Colleague

The main source of funding remains Grants for the Arts, and the eligibility criteria have not changed since July 2013.  We continue to offer two funding streams for Grants for the Arts, under £15k, and £15k and over.  These funds are available to a wide variety of individuals and organisations, but cannot be applied for by National Portfolio Organisations.  We acknowledge that NPOs may be named as partners within an application, but they cannot be the lead partners, and any funded activity must be additional to the work outlined in their funding agreement with Arts Council England.

For further details on the kinds of activity that can be applied for please see our guidelines documents, or call the dedicated assistance line 0845 300 6200.

GFTA How to apply over 15k
GFTA How to apply under 15k

The success rate for applications under £15k is currently high, with 60% of all applications being successful.  Since July 2013 when the new system came in to being, 28 eligible applications have been made from artists and organisations in B&NES.  £133k has been awarded to recipients.

A range of strategic funds also exists with new ones planned for 2015.  For the most up to date information on these check our website

I hope this information is useful.  If anyone has any queries they can call the GftA assistance line, or email me at

With all good wishes
Ruth Kapadia
Relationship Manager, Diversity

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