Our Big Gig: national celebration of music in communities

11th – 14th July

Our Big Gig, which takes place from 11th–14th July, will see the whole country celebrate and enjoy music, showcase new and existing talent and increase participation in music making. From school halls to concert halls-local communities and event organisers are being encouraged to get together, pick up instruments and programme gigs in their local areas for a UK wide music celebration.

Launched by Communities Minister Don Foster, along with performers from the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Our Big Gig builds on the success of previous annual Bandstand Marathon events.

The initiative is coordinated by arts organisation Superact and last year’s event marked the closing of the London 2012 Games with 9,000 people take part in the simultaneous playing of Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ across the UK.

Our Big Gig 2013 will give members of the public the opportunity to attend free gigs in their local community, as well as participating in a range of musical activities particularly for those who are new to music. Hundreds of events across the UK between the 11th–14th July will take place in indoor and outdoor performance spaces and local people can choose where they want to hold their event with an aim to showcase unique local music talent in unusual places.

The Our Big Gig initiative has today issued a call out for community event organisers to sign up to and get involved in putting on a gig in their area, bringing together diverse groups of people and celebrating their achievements as a community.

Superact is looking for over 275 local Community Event Organisers across the UK to be part of the Our Big Gig in 2013. Community Event Organisers will receive a grant of £400 towards their:
·         Event, marketing materials (posters, banner and t-shirt)
·         PR support
·         Training opportunities
·         Ability to promote and list their events on Our Big Gig website.
Any organisation can apply to host an Our Big Gig event, it can be a ‘friends of the park’ group, school, voluntary music group, Local Authority, anyone who is part of a group organisation with its own bank account.  The closing date for applications is the 12th May 2013. Read more at: http://www.superact.org.uk/ourbiggig/index.php

Organisations can apply to host an ‘Our Big Gig’ and find out more information at www.ourbiggig.co.uk.

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