New website for Creative Bath

Our ‘sister’ organisation, Creative Bath, has launched a new website. Visit it here

About Creative Bath

Creative Bath, like the Cultural Forum, is a Community Interest Company (CIC). It was founded in the same year (2008) by Greg Ingham, Chief Executive of MediaClash (formerly CEO of Future Publishing) and Rhodri Samuel (then of B&NEs, now of Dartington).  Also like us, it is backed with funding and support from B&NES.

Its aim is to bring together the local creative community, support it and help it grow. Where we lobby for the cultural sector, they help to raise the profile of the creative sector with the Council, city leaders and the wider business community, also linking the creative sector with schools, colleges and universities.

They have a steering group, similar to our Executive Committee .

  • Greg Ingham – Chair
  • Dulcie Carey – Development Manager
  • John Wilkinson – (B&NES)
  • Anna Garner – (B&NES)
  • Holly Tarquini – (Bath Film Festival)
  • Dave Kelly – (Storm Consultancy)
  • Chris Kemp – (Suited & Booted)
  • Peter Whitehead – (Radio)
  • Paul Newman – Steering Group Member (Future)
  • Anita Taylor – (Bath Spa University)

Creative Bath is free to join but you pay for events you attend. Members include not only people from film, music, publishing, new media, and theatre backgrounds, but also architects, coders, artists, writers, designers, IP lawyers, developers, furniture makers, festivals, SEO specialists, event organisers, engineers, PR, performing arts, speech coaches…

There is some overlap with our membership, to be sure, but the two sectors are so obviously linked in any case the closer we are the better for Bath!

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