Invitation To Create Your Own Fun Palaces


Culture belongs to us all!

Find out how anyone anywhere can make a Fun Palace, where everyone is an artist and everyone a scientist.

Change the world with radical fun!



Invite you to the Fun Palaces Workshop

 7th July, 6:30-9:30, Burdall’s Yard, 7A Anglo Terrace, Bath BA1 5NH


Free, but please book your place here as space is limited:


Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign for culture at the heart of community, with an annual weekend of simultaneous events every October. In 2015 the dates are the 3rd and 4th of October.  Around the country, local people will be gathering to make and share arts, sciences, learning, games and FUN – this workshop is your chance to find out more and share the skills needed to make it all happen. You don’t need to be an expert to make a Fun Palace (and experts are allowed to make Fun Palaces too, if they want), and your Fun Palace can be as tiny or huge as you like.


Are you are interested in taking part, finding out what your neighbourhood is capable of, and sharing skills, knowledge and of course, fun? Then come along to find out more.


Don’t worry, by coming to the workshop you will not be signing up to anything, and taking part in Fun Palaces is always free.


2014 was Fun Palaces’ pilot year, and 130 free, local and very exciting Fun Palaces were created across the country (with 8 in other countries too).  3183 people took part in making a Fun Palace happen, and 40,000 took part over the weekend. Fun Palaces were made by big institutions, small organisations, and groups of neighbours who had never done anything like it before.


You can find out more on our website:

Or watch this four-minute video to find out what happened at Fun Palaces 2014:


Any questions? Prefer to book by phone? Get in touch! E-mail or ring 0208 692 4446 ext. 203 and leave a message



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