Guidance in good practice

A new online knowledge bank combines information and guidance on bringing art and audiences together. Pam Pfrommer gives the background to the initiative.

In the course of nearly 20 years the Arts Marketing Association (AMA) has seen a great deal of evidence of what we would call ‘good practice’ in arts marketing and audience development. What we also see though is an overworked and under-resourced group of arts professionals for whom the appetite to learn and develop more effective practice is hampered by numerous infrastructure weaknesses such as lack of opportunity, money, time and access to relevant resources.

What might appear a straightforward concept – access to good practice on marketing and audience development – can also be a challenging concept for those organisational leaders, marketers and practitioners in terms of where to look and what to look for to help develop a stronger, more buoyant and sustainable sector.

The AMA concentrates on arts marketing and audience development practice and is an advocate of, and conduit for, communication between cultural employers, employees and self-employed professionals. This means that we do not just rely on existing assumptions about the most effective methods of stimulating high-quality professional development.

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