Good Governance, what does it mean for you? Training course

21 March 2016, 13:00 – 15:30 ( Add to calendar )

2015 saw unprecedented media attention on the charity sector that led to a public outcry, the Etherington review and far tighter regulation being introduced. At the same time the closure of Kids Company provided a stark reminder of the need for good governance. As the Etherington review made clear, ‘Many of the recent problems have occurred due to a lack of compliance with the existing rules, or disregard of the available guidance. Charity trustees and managers have too often been absent from discussions on fundraising practice or values’.

So what does all this mean for organisations? What are the risks, rules and responsibilities of good governance, what’s best practice, and how can this help organisations to achieve their goals? Join Toni Darton from Action Planning & Claire Eason Bassett from Mackerel Sky on the 21st March to learn more.

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