Future Development of Theatre in BANES Open Discussion

Theatre Bath to facilitate open forum to discuss the future development of theatre in B&NES


B&NES Council Arts Development Team recently approached Theatre Bath requesting the organisation to facilitate a session to find out exactly what the theatre community in and around Bath want or need for future development. The event will take place on Saturday 5 March at Burdall’s Yard, Bath and registration is now open.


This interactive forum aims to collect and collate views, opinions and suggestions from students, amateurs, professionals, audience members, teachers, local media and anyone who has a keen interest in the future of theatre in Bath, and will be hosted by an independent facilitator.


Information gathered at the event will be used to create a development plan for theatre in B&NES and an application for an Arts Council grant to support future developments that will meet the needs of the theatre community in Bath as a whole. While Theatre Bath have agreed to lead on the Arts Council bid, the organisation acknowledges that certain development initiatives may be run by other local organisations or independent venues; the aim is to try and raise funds to help the wider community, and Theatre Bath are keen to work in partnership with others on the bid.


The event will offer multiple opportunities to get your voice heard and your opinions registered, whether you need assistance with marketing a show, funds to help pay for advertising shows in Bath, the development of an arts-based What’s On website, skill-sharing opportunities based around social media use – at the moment, the page is blank and waiting for your ideas to fill it.


If you can’t be at the event itself, Theatre Bath are circulating a questionnaire so that people who can’t attend the event can input their ideas and opinions remotely.


Theatre Bath would like to thank Bath Spa Live and Bath Spa University for the use of the Burdall’s Yard venue and for their assistance with registration through their box office system.

Free tickets can be booked by visiting www.bathspalive.com


Key information


The event will take place on Saturday 5 March from 

Burdall’s Yard, 7a Anglo Terrace, Bath BA1 5NH


To register attendance at the event, please visit

https://www.bathspalive.com/online/article/theatrebath/ or www.bathspalive.com


To complete the pre-event survey, please visit


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