CFBA Skills Sharing: Business Planning

Bath based arts business consultant John Hector has been running a very successful business mentoring project with CFBA members for over two years.  John has been working with organisations on an individual basis, exploring the original vision of an organisation to test whether it still holds true today and for the future. The question of addressing vision and goals is a good starting point for any form of planning and is equally valid for established or fledgling organisations.

The ability to marry artistic ambition to sound financial and business planning is increasingly necessary in these ‘challenging’ times for many small cultural organisations and arts businesses. Deficit reduction, the withdrawal of funding and changes to existing economic and arts development structures all add to a real sense of uncertainty and change.

Rather than presenting a one-size-fits-all approach to planning, the starting point for this event is our members’ own extensive and varied experiences of planning and change, successful or not.  What approach worked for you?  Might it work for others? What would you do differently? How do you begin to challenge your original creative and business goals? And crucially how do you put your plans into action?

Come and join your colleagues at this informal but practical discussion and over a drink mull over the highs and lows of planning, changing and developing as arts organisation.  John Hector will be on hand to lead the discussion and to offer the benefits of his extensive experience and share hints and tips.

Free to CFBA members but please register your interest in attending here as numbers are limited.

Wednesday 19 February and 5 March, 19.30 – 21.00

Venue: BRLSI, Queen Square, Bath

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