Bath Theatre Matters Conference – Tues 29 Oct 2-9pm at the Guildhall

Things really are going from strength to strength at the moment within the theatre community as a whole in Bath.
Plans are well underway for the Bath Theatre Matters Conference and it’s going to be a really exciting event that champions ALL theatre within this region.

How can you help

Volunteers to help on the day of the event and a few in the lead up to it to help with poster distribution and publicity.  Help with tasks such as meeting and greeting guests, registration, stewarding etc. You will get free entry to the event and be ‘fed and watered’ throughout. It can be just an hour or you can be there all day – every little helps. If you are interested please get in touch with Luke for more information, (email

Information on ALL Groups Within Bath
Participants will have an equal-sized space on display boards at the Guildhall where you can show information about you or your company, forthcoming show flyers and most importantly contact information of key people within the organisation so that if people wish to join you or find out more about you they can get in touch.

There will be a glossy A4 brochure which will contain information on ALL the events during the day, keynote speakers, sponsors etc. At the back will be a directory of local companies and venues.

Send Luke: Group/Company/Venue Name. A contact name, number and email. Links to social media and websites etc and just a couple of sentences about what you do.

Luke John Emmett

Theatre Bath

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