Bath Christian school cancels event with ‘blasphemous’ Meg Rosoff

The award-winning children’s author Meg Rosoff‘s reimagining of God as a sex-mad teenage boy in her new novel There Is No Dog has proved unpalatable for a Christian independent school, which cancelled an event with the author because of the “blasphemous” nature of the book, her publisher said.

Rosoff had been booked to appear at the Bath boarding and day school Monkton Combe this week, as part of the Bath festival of children’s literature. But her publisher Puffin said the school pulled out of the event after reading her novel, telling festival organisers that their objections centred on its “blasphemous” and “unsuitable nature”. Puffin added that the Emirates Airline festival of literature in Dubai also withdrew an invitation to Rosoff to speak at its 2012 festival after reading the novel and feeling it was “unsuitable” for their audience, and publicity director Adele Minchin said that “a number” of other schools had also declined offers for Rosoff to speak to their pupils about There is No Dog “because they felt it was too controversial a subject matter to expose their pupils to”.

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