Bath Abbey seeks PR partner for Footprint Appeal

Bath Abbey is on the hunt for a PR agency as it prepares to launch a major fundraising appeal for its Footprint project, a £19.3 million transformative programme of capital works, interpretation, collections care and sustainable energy.

The aspect of the Footprint project which has generated the most interest so far is its innovative plans to install a thermal heating system which will use Bath’s hot springs as a source of energy, and due to its urgent need to repair the Abbey’s historic collapsing floor. However, this year the focus changes to a public fundraising appeal which will be launched in the summer.

The winning agency’s brief will be to develop and implement a national PR and social media campaign over the next 14 months in support of the Bath Abbey Footprint project’s overall capital appeal, as well as to generate awareness of and drive people to three major fundraising events.

Laura Brown, Bath Abbey’s Footprint Appeal Director, explained: “We need to build on and maximise the existing interest in and the general awareness of the Footprint project. The next 14 months will be a crucial time for us as this will be the first time we will be going to the public to ask for their support with our fundraising appeal. We have already done a lot of work with our stakeholders and generated a lot of goodwill but we’re hoping this campaign will take it to the next level and maximise engagement across a variety of media platforms.”

The Revd Prebendary Edward Mason, Rector of Bath Abbey, said: “We’re looking for a partner rather than just an agency, someone who will grasp the significance of the project and who is passionate about sharing our vision. After all, whoever we appoint will be part of a project that represents a once in a lifetime opportunity to ensure that that one of the UK’s best loved parish churches can fulfil its commitment to serve both city and nation through the 21st century and beyond.”

Agencies are invited to submit their expressions of interest and credentials to Laura Brown, Footprint Appeal Director at Bath Abbey. Bath Abbey aims to have the winning firm to be in place by June. More information can be found on the Bath Abbey website

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