Art at the Heart – Summer Exhibitions!

8th July – 13th October 2016
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To mark the 20th Anniversary of Bath Artists’ Studios (BAS), the Studios are collaborating with Art at the Heart to locate the popular Sealed Auction of 12”x12” works by BAS artists to the hospital’s central corridor. All proceeds will be donated to the work of both charity organisations.

A reserve price of £75.00 is placed on all works. If you would like to bid for a work, please complete a form in the RUH Central Gallery and post in the box provided or visit to submit a bid online. The winners of the auction will be announced at the event reception that will be held at the RUH in October.

Georgia Cox, Magpies and Eucalyptus

Georgia Cox, Magpies and Eucalyptus



The artworks and photographs from Beechen Cliff and Ralph Allen School on show from July to October are a selection of pieces from GCSE, AS and A-level work.  The two schools have worked in collaboration as part of the ‘Bath Educational Trust’ to curate this one off exhibition, in hope that its success may lead to an annual event in future years.  The exhibition exemplifies the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes, where students have worked tirelessly to develop their skills and produce some of the strongest exam work the schools have ever seen.

Students have worked diligently to research and develop their ideas, either finding inspiration from their own selection of artists and themes, or as a response to one of the exam question titles. They have utilised many different techniques and skills, both digitally and traditionally for photography, and using a range of different media for fine art. They are a credit to themselves, and their teachers are extremely proud of their efforts.

Ellie Hawking, Beechen Cliff School

Ellie Hawking, Beechen Cliff School

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