Membership of the Cultural Forum is open to any organisation or individual provided they agree to support the basic aims and actions in the Manifesto and meet the following criteria:

  • support and/or deliver a cultural programme of activities
  • have a record of relevant professional or cultural activity
  • are willing to engage in mutual marketing and promotional activity
  • agree to attend Cultural Forum meetings regularly and for organisations have a named representative, plus a deputy.
  • Each Member Organisation is entitled to one vote on collective decisions.

Membership fees for 14-15 remain unchanged – they are

  • £50 for professional organisations
  • £25 for organisations with no paid administrative staff
  • £10 for individuals

However as we are now no longer funded by B&NES council, we will have to make modest charges for individual events to cover costs.

Membership runs from 1 April 2014 until 31 March 2015.

Membership Forms to be downloaded as Word docs

Membership form 14-15

Induction-for-new-members2 (includes how to update your entry and enter information on this website)

Information-about-your-organisation-and-activities (please complete this for our records)