As an independent, private and non-party political organisation, the Cultural Forum is keen to encourage debate about the future of culture in B&NES and raise the topic higher up the local political agenda. 

It aims to provide leadership for cultural sector in B&NES and neighbouring areas and wishes to work with all who want to see the area celebrated as a centre of imagination, creativity and innovation. 

The manifesto was published in April 2011 in the run up to the local elections in B&NES in May.  However, it has been written to represent the more long aims and aspirations of the Cultural Forum and it is anticipated that it will be a useful statement of principles and aspirations for some years to come.

Here you will find two versions of the ‘Manifesto for Culture & Creativity in B&NES’

Manifesto print friendly – this PDF is in black and white, without large blocks of colour

Manifesto colour – this PDF is the full colour version