44AD invites you to CONTEMPORARY TALES artist discussion 5 Feb

44AD artspace would like to invite you to: 

‘CONTEMPORARY TALES’ Series 1: Part 3  Jonny Briggs     

Artist discussion Tues 05 Feb: (6:30pm – 7:30pm) 

Jonny Briggs, Saatchi New Sensations Prize winner and outstanding contemporary photographer, will be talking about his work at 44AD Artspace.

Searching for lost parts of his childhood Briggs tries to think outside the reality into which he was socialised and to create a new reality with his self and parents. Referencing the discovery of himself as an individual alongside the need to be part of a social group he questions the boundaries between us, between adult and child, love and resentment, expressed and reserved, real and fake in attempt to revive the unconditioned, uninhibited self.

Briggs draws us in to his own world, where magicians, comedians and people who disturb our comfortable interpretation of the world are among the influences. Pay close attention to the artist’s tricks to figure out what’s happening: he uses photomontage, builds sets, disguises, repaints and remodels to make the viewer question the supposed photographic reality and re-examine our conditioned reality.

Jonny Brigg’s work will be on display as part of Reality Check: A High House gallery pop up exhibition at 44AD artspace from 1-17 Feb 2013  (PV Thursday 31st Jan, 5:30pm-9:00pm )

Contemporary Tales is a short series of one off talks and events that showcase artists and their works. It takes as its inspiration the notion of ‘the tale’ as a recital of events or happenings, a reflection and maybe even a revelation.

Contemporary Tales offers the artists an opportunity to talk about their work, introduce a particular piece or even to show a work in progress.

Set within an informal arena, this series aims to encourage discussion and a genuine experience in trying to understand in what ways the artists make their work and the work itself.

The programme will be led by artist/researcher Michele Whiting and artist/gallerist Katie O’Brien

44AD artspace  7B Lower Borough Walls  Bath BA1 1QR  07753 378 325  www.44AD.net

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